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The WPL  Western Pacific League emblem patch. The  tenth patch and  latest addition and is also the first and one of a kind. Designed in 2014 and made to represent the Thai boxing peoples of the Western Pacific nations of the Mariannas and by inviting them to join the USMTA family. Designed by Kru Kevin Jalique of Guam Muay Thai Ekyotin of the Island of Guam and Arjarn Clint Heyliger of the USMTA. The Marianna transcript  written at the bottom of the emblem proudly states. "Isla Marianas, Togi Yan Defende I Tano!", (Marianas Islands, stand your ground Defend your land.)

The patch designed in recognition of the Mariannas heritage, has each item placed in respect to the Chamorros ancestors that came long before, the peoples of today on the  islands.

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