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The USMTA's South American League, SAL

The SAL (sa)  South American League flag. The  fourth  addition and is also the first and one of a kind. Designed  in  2009 representing the peoples of the South American nations and inviting them to join the family. Designed by Arjarn Clint  Heyliger  of the  USMTA and Kru Mike Martelle, of the First Nations Muay Thai Council. This flag designed to include all the nations on the southern continent and  opening competitions and events across both three boarders.  Incorporated into the pale blue background representing the color of turquoise a semi precious stone found in the America's, and resting on this is the Mighty Inca/Aztec sun raised  behind the prominent Mayan temple dedicated to the sun god.  A Thai warrior performs the Ram Muay on top of the temple framed by the sun. Incorporated into the flag are the Colors  red, white  and  blue representing the colors of the US and Thailand. Emblazoned across the  top are the  words  Liga  SurAmericana (South American League)

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