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The NAL (can)  North American League patch is also the first and of a kind. Designed  in  2007 representing the peoples of the First Nations and  inviting to to the family our Canadian  brethren.

 On the patch is displayed the symbol of the Turtle a Native American symbol used for thousands of years as symbol of mother earth. The colors represent the blue of the sky,  the  green  of the earth,  the  yellow  of the life giving sun  and  the red for the blood of the  people. The Thai fighter in the  position of the Ram Muay "ritual dance of respect" kneels across the  back  of the  turtle representing that the sport  of Muay Thai extends across the world. He kneels upon the paw print  of the  Great bear,  an ancient native symbol of strength and skill.  "Rohskenrakehte" is written above the in the banner in  Mohawk.

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