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 The colors used in the NAL patch represent the colors of change and the color of all races, showing that the NAL is of all people. The  turquoise winged legendary Thunderbird holds the yellow golden sun between its wings. The yellow sun represents the Father of Life, the Life giver of all people and all things without the sun there is no life.

Wonk-a-tonka the Great Father. The Thunderbird is guarded by two proud warriors who stand prepared. The warriors represent both  left and right. East and West. The 'Blue warrior' of the East represents the art of Thailand and the 'Red warrior' of the West represents the "native American" of the Americas. The tail feathers of the thunderbird display the letters USMTA under the feet as the foundation of all we are and all we shall become. The design in the center of the Thunderbirds chest is like that of a locking mechanism all knowledge is locked within the design awaiting those who seek the knowledge to be unlocked. The scarlet red banner proudly displays the motto  "Nehwe denihani nadahna aidee" and closely translates to "We Bow To No One.."

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