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 The CARL  Caribbean League flag. The fifth Flag to the addition and first one for the Caribbean Islands. Designed in 2009 representing the peoples of the Caribbean Nations and  inviting them to join the USMTA Muay Thai family. Designed by Arjarn Clint Heyliger, this flag  made to include all the nation Islands of the Caribbean and opening Muay Thai competitions and events across Caribbean seas.  Emblazoned  onto the cloud white background with the two bars of  sun yellow and sea blue. Framed by tropical  green palmed coconut trees with the yellow sun in the center, stand two Thai fighters of the Caribbean in a traditional Thai fighting stance. They stand upon the golden sand beached Caribbean Islands surrounded by the clear blue sea, and  bridging the gap between the tropical islands is the USMTA land bridge. Raised above the coconut trees  are the proud words ' West Indies' Muay Thai.

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